English Workshop
The Art of the Presentations

Learn to master public speaking techniques to make the best impression. Practise managing your performance to overcome any inconvenience or unforeseen situation, such as questions and interruptions.

Improve fluency to speak appropriately and naturally with the most appropriate vocabulary and useful phrases.

English Workshop to make impactful and memorable presentations

Learn the best public speaking techniques

Learn fast, easily and have fun

Live the English!

GET YOUR GOALS with our revolutionary method!

With the endorsement of 30 years of experience getting results.

We welcome you to our great course:

English Workshop The Art of the Presentations Skills Training Course

Live Course:

Classes Timetable:

1.- Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 to 8:30 am.

*Live session of 90 minutes of class by Zoom

*Classes start in October, January, March, and May.

Video Course:

Video Classes

Online Training Platform


This is NOT a “boring traditional” English course.
This course is TOTALLY different from anything that you are used to …
Here you will NOT find:

Because with our English Workshop The Art of the Presentations Skills Training Course you will have a shortcut to success at work and in business.



All our lessons are recorded and sent to you.

In this way you can watch the lessons anytime you need, to review or check those English details with more attention, but also you will have the possibility to watch the lessons you missed in case you cannot attend a specific lesson.


Highly qualified Teachers.

They are not just simply native English speakers. They are experts in their professional fields with professional and master’s degrees with work experience. You will not learn English from your language but from native English speakers.


The course is completely live and online.

It means that you will interact with a NATIVE TEACHER only in English and the lessons will be done by the Zoom program. Thus you can participate in the lesson from your house, work, office, coffee bar or train. Besides, the exercises and homework can be done at home or whenever you want. In this way you can manage your time for studying, re-watching the lesson, reviewing the lessons, doing your homework, practicing and continuing learning without any limitation. All the MATERIALS will be downloaded.


We don’t use the traditional boring way of teaching that has never taught you anything.


In Master Business English we use our two proven Methodologies: Instant Learning© and Guest Teachers©. Therefore a lot of interactions by teaching and forcing you to use your learned English in a LIVE AND REAL environment. This is why our lessons, resources, materials, activities, exercises, homework and bonuses are highly interactive to force you to internalize it, really to learn. THEY WILL CHALLENGE YOU TO GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Because you need to be able to use the English language in the same way you use your native language in the real business or work world.



Reaching your Objectives.

We teach you by taking into account your real objectives. Because the most important issue is not just to teach you but to get your real goals. You must be happy feeling YOU ARE REALLY LEARNING AND IMPROVING YOUR ENGLISH and moreover REACHING YOUR REAL GOALS! Keeping to this promise, we are with you to the end.


Saving time and money.

Soon you will feel you will start learning English quickly, being able to think in English by improving all the English skills. Hence learning rapidly saves time which also means money without spending more for other courses, books, materials and others. The more time you take to learn English, the more time you will take to start working and earning the salary you deserve. Therefore start learning English with us where YOU WILL REALLY LEARN GETTING YOUR REAL GOALS!


6 Exclusive Bonuses.

6 Extraordinary resources whose value greatly exceeds the investment required for the course.
Value: 1,794€



By getting our course you will get these TEN incredible GIFTS absolutely too which will get you to boost your English level! Because with us you always get more and more!
Value: 1,704 euros

Our course, methodologies, lessons, materials, videos, trainers, activities, exercises, bonuses, one freebie and gifts are the result of a

Live the English!

Learn fast, easily, and have fun!

AND GET TO YOUR GOALS with our revolutionary methods!

English Workshop The Art of the Presentations Skills Training Course

They are live classes with native teachers who give you all the tools you need to achieve your goal of communicating in English and give you the confidence to acquire the skills you need.

By the end of the course you will get the next skills:



  • Presentation technique and preparation

  • Image, impact and making an impression

  • Body language - Tips on presenting

  • The language of meetings

  • The importance of storytelling in presentations

  • Persuasive Presentation of Ideas

  • Making language more persuasive

  • Holding the audience’s attention

  • Linking ideas and sequencing

  • This is the end

  • Giving your professional opinion
  • Summarizing, and concluding
  • Problems, questions, and discussion
  • Handling Questions Responsively
  • Making a recommendation

  • Presentation Tips

  • Review and Activities

  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Apply Your Knowledge
  • Practice Your Skills
  • Expand Your Skills
  • Cases
  • Improve Your Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage

How are the courses at Master Business English school?

Don’t waste any more time and money. Start learning English once and for all and achieve your real goals with Master Business English!

Live Lessons

12 hours of Live Online Classes via Zoom with native English-speaking teachers focused only on acquiring all the needed skills. Or you can get private classes (one-to-one or mini-groups) according to your level.

Video Course

Or it can be ONLY A VIDEO COURSE (where we offer you all the benefits of this course but WITHOUT access to live classes with native teachers). No one is left behind!

100% Practical

100% conversation with lots of interaction with native English-speaking teachers. 100% practical with constant training, activities, exercises, examples, cases and homework to get the skills you need to stand out and reach your goals. We will level up your English.

Constant feedback

Continuous feedback and assessment in all aspects (grammar, pronunciation, idioms, collocations, phrasal verbs, mistakes, idiomatic expressions, etc). Constant corrections of pronunciation and grammar errors everywhere.

Communicate fluently and effectively

You will learn to communicate fluently and effectively with the necessary confidence to COMMUNICATE IN AN EFFECTIVE, NATURAL AND SIMPLE WAY your knowledge and expertise to achieve your academic, professional or business goals. You will learn to pronounce English correctly by improving your pronunciation.

Instant Learning© Methodology

We will teach you techniques and methods that must be applied to internalize English, learn to communicate effectively and improve your level of Business English. Applying our methods you will feel confident and calm anytime you have to speak, even in high-stress situations. But also putting into practice our valuable English material created by Coach Karyme.

Native English-speaking

A team of expert trainers and teachers will be always available for your questions during the lessons, on social-media platforms, and via WhatsApp. They have extensive in-company work experience and are more than used to the dynamics of working environments and effective ways of communication. You will never be alone!

Have your lessons from anywhere & Learn at your own pace

Have your lessons from anywhere, from the comfort of your house, your office, or other places by using a computer, tablet, and even by cell-phone/mobile. Learn and study at a speed that suits you better -at your own pace.

Recorded Lessons

The lessons of the courses are recorded, so you can study them at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. Furthermore, our valuable English material created by Coach Karyme will be at your complete disposal to be used whenever you may need it.

Constant Coaching

Constant Coaching and mindset will keep you focused, positive, and determined to achieve your goals while enjoying learning. Moreover you will have the opportunity to share your experience and learn from other professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, etc, like you!

Diploma and Certification

At the end of the course, you will get a Diploma for completing the course from Master Business English.
In addition you can request a real and deep evaluation / assessment of your current English level and get a Certification too.

Exclusive system that accelerates learning.
Get better results in less time!
GET TO YOUR GOALS with our revolutionary method!
Instant Learning©
Guest Teachers©

Our exclusive Methodology Instant Learning© allows you truly to learn English to communicate and understand, and in less time. In addition, it helps you internalize English and teaches you to think in English.

With Guest Teachers© in your lessons, you will have two different teachers plus Coach Karyme! There will be no chance of not improving your listening and thinking skills in English!

Our Guest Teachers© methodology allows you to interact with different native English teachers from various countries; to understand different accents and ways of speaking. Instant Learning© and Guest Teachers© are our proven and unique methodologies that guarantee your learning.


Discover our methods to learn English faster and better

The three reasons of our success

Personalized follow-up

Because not everyone has the same English level or the same difficulties. We prepare a tailor-made lesson plan for you. We also follow and track your progress.
No-one is left behind!

Instant Learning©

Discover our own method Instant Learning©. It accelerates your learning process with real situations. This is the easiest way to learn and practice English. Immerse yourself in real English to think, feel and sound like a native English speaker. Practical Learning!

Guest Teachers©

Boost your Understanding. Take advantage of our exclusive Guest Teachers© method that makes it easier to understand all of the English accents of our International native English-speaking teachers. Improve your fluency and your pronunciation.

The program that teaches you a living and real English, but also to communicate effectively and think in English

The Art of the Presentations


  • Type of classes

    Groups or Individuals

  • Level

    Real and solid B1, B2, C1 or C2 English level that ensure the effectiveness.

  • Weekly sessions

    3 hours divided into two classes a week by zoom.

  • Duration of the program

    12 hours of live online classes.

  • Material

    Material, Audios, Exercises, Homework, Videos, etc.

  • Communication

    Response time in less than 24 hours by Email or WhatsApp. You also have Facebook and WhatsApp groups to ask questions, deepen the sessions with new exercises, launch challenges …

  • Certificate

    Once you complete all the lessons of the course, you will get your certificate endorsed by the Master Business English School.

Choose the type of lessons that suits you better according to your needs and time:
It’s your turn, take the great leap of your life with English.


Where you get all the benefits of the course and access to live classes with native teachers. There, you will improve your speaking and listening skills in no time, because we will force you to use proper English with correct pronunciation. In this way you will acquire the fluency and the necessary confidence to COMMUNICATE IN AN EFFECTIVE, NATURAL AND SIMPLE WAY.


Where you get all the benefits of the Live Course but WITHOUT access to live classes with native teachers. Instead of the live lessons you will get the recording lessons done by the native teachers.


You get all the benefits of the Live Course but instead of having group lessons you just have one-to-one lessons taking into account your level, and more personalized lessons.

You will get the following BONUSES

BONUS 1 – Video Recording classes.

All classes will be recorded. Receive the recording of all the lessons to be able to review them whenever you want and as many times as you need.

250 euros

BONUS 2 – Audio Recording classes.

In addition, we will send you the audio recording of the lessons so that you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want, even while driving to work or running for exercise. This will help you to internalize English.

97 euros

BONUS 3 – Available trainers and teachers.

Teachers and trainers, fully available for anything you may need via WhatsApp or email for coaching, guidance, information, study skills, learning, and much more.

300 euros

BONUS 4 – Forever unlimited access to our TWO Private Facebook Group.

Unlimited and forever access to our TWO private Facebook groups where you can get materials, exercises, videos, audios, lessons, and you will be forced to interact with our teachers and your peers to start THINKING and LIVING THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Here you can interact with our teachers, ask questions and get the answers to any doubts you may have, but above all you can continue learning as you will find useful information that will help you learn the language.

297 euros

BONUS 5 – Pronunciation lessons.

Additional pronunciation classes to help you to improve your fluency.

400 euros

BONUS 6 – Video Lessons.

Several hours of video classes at your complete disposal so that you can start training.

450 euros

We do not abandon you immediately after enrollment, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

From the beginning, after enrollment, your real training starts in all the senses helping you and pressing you to achieve your goals. And if you don’t learn or achieve these, we do not vanish, we are with you to the end giving you more and more.

It is not speaking English, it is mastering THE ART OF THE PRESENTATIONS.

That is why we have decided to offer you a very cheap and special price!

The Art of the Presentations

12-hour Live Course


  • Live Course with a native English speaker

  • 100% conversation with lots of interaction with the teacher.

  • 100% practical with constant activities, exercises and homework

  • Continuous assessment in all aspects (pronunciation, business phrases, business vocabulary, business idioms, business collocations, business phrasal verbs, mistakes, etc).

  • Additional video classes

  • 6 bonuses (value 1,794€)

  • 10 gifts (value 1,704€)

The Art of the Presentations

12-hour Video Course


  • Live Course with a native English speaker

  • 100% conversation with lots of interaction with the teacher.

  • 100% practical with constant activities, exercises and homework

  • Continuous assessment in all aspects (pronunciation, business phrases, business vocabulary, business idioms, business collocations, business phrasal verbs, mistakes, etc).

  • Additional video classes

  • 6 bonuses (value 1,794€)

  • 10 gifts (value 1,704€)

Clear all the doubts about the course according to your needs, level of English and objectives.

Book your consultation now and we will call you ASAP

Just because you have trust in us, getting our course and saying YES to MASTER BUSINESS ENGLISH, here you have our 10 presents to offer you!


Business Speaking Materials at your disposal to put into practice with whomever you want for your Speaking skills. You can use them to practice speaking or writing, also with your school mates or other people.
Value: 150 euros

GIFT 2 Video Lessons. These video lessons will allow the students to learn the English grammar rules without the teachers’ help in order to study the lesson at the students’ pace. In this manner, the students after learning important English concepts will come to the class to put into practice this knowledge in Business English by speaking activities, using role plays, guided conversations, etc. Value: 450 euros


Pronunciation Video Lessons.
Here the students will learn, and train how to pronounce the English language to boost their fluency and to reduce their native accent. By practicing, students will be able to be understood by everybody since the interlocutors will feel comfortable speaking in English with our students, because they will understand our students’ speeches.
Value: 400 euros


You will receive additional exercises by email, so that you will use your Business English in a real English context. There will be no way for you not to put into practice the business grammar, the vocabulary, the idioms, the phrasal verbs, the expressions, the collocations, and others for learning. It means you will learn because you will be forced to start thinking in English by using it and not by memorizing!!
Value: 150 euros


FORUM and Rooms on our Study Platform
You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, opinions, documents, images, multimedia content, and information with other Business English students. You can also post comments as part of a “discussion”, and make appointments for practice and speaking in our rooms or on Skype.
Only in English!
Value: 57 euros


WhatsApp Group
The students will be part of their WhatsApp study group to be able to interact at whatever day and hour with our teachers, or to exchange ideas, information, opinions, ask questions, clarifications and others. Just in English! In this way you will be forced to interact only in English which will help you to use the Business English language and start thinking in English.
Value: 200 euros


Coaching with Coach Karyme
You will never be alone. Coach Karyme will always be very close to you to give you the motivation, the strength, the happiness and the confidence you need to overcome your fears, blocks or traumas that do not let you boost your English to the level you deserve!
Value: Priceless


Master Business English Pill forever!
Even after reaching your goals, learning English and finishing our course, you will continue getting the Master Business English Pill forever!!! Thus you will not lose your English; in fact the opposite; you will go on keeping and improving your English level. You will just need 20 minutes a day! And do not worry, we will continue correcting your mistakes so then you will improve more and more even if you don’t want to 😉
Value: Priceless


Quizzes & Tests
You will have the opportunity to take quizzes & tests to check your improvement yourself. In fact, having thousands of students enrolled in our English courses, we are structured to guarantee them. And the best, you will notice how quickly and well you learn English once and for all! And what you learn with us is unforgettable! This is the best proof ever.
Value: 200 euros


The best ever English Resources for free!
You will have immediate access to the best English resources, available for free on the internet, to improve and speed up the learning of the English language. Your teachers will reveal, show and teach you how to use all the best and most innovative tools and applications available online to improve and master your English … A great tool to boost your learning path!
Value: 97 euros

NOW is the correct moment to trust and GET YOUR English to a SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONAL level!

Thanks to our system you “reach your objectives”. In this way you can work in an international environment, being a Boss, Manager, entrepreneur, businessman, businesswoman, professional, etc getting results, more customers, better job opportunities and more money.

Because in this globalized world you need English for everything: work, business, studies, travel and even for the smallest thing.

Act now and enroll in the course!

As you well know, timing is everything in life. Don’t miss the opportunity you have been dreaming of for years.

Remember this incredible offer won’t last long

nor will it not be available for everybody.

As I mentioned a little while ago …

We have for you 6 bonuses (value: 1,794 euros) + 10 exclusive gifts (value: 1,704 euros), available only for a limited time.

In fact, if you decide to enroll in “The Art of the Presentations”

We will include in the price 6 bonuses + 10 exclusive gifts that individually could be sold at a higher price than the course itself.

This is the risk-free offer


Thanks to the special discount we have for you, you can get the The Art of the Presentations

for 180€ or 380€

As you have checked both packages of The Art of the Presentations cost at least with a private teacher over 600€.

And even with that price, it will be a great deal.

But without any extra cost, you will also have:

  • Video Lessons

  • Podcasts

  • Director of Studies

  • TWO private Facebook groups

  • Additional video classes to start training

  • 6 bonuses (value 1,794€)

  • 10 gifts (value 1,704€)

  • Speaking Materials to practice

  • Pronunciation Video Lessons

  • FORUM and Rooms on our Study Platform

  • Coaching with Coach Karyme

  • Master Business English Pill forever!

Consequently the total amount of these bonuses should be sold for 1,794€ as minimum…

So basically if you had to pay the full price for the course “English Workshop The Art of the Presentations Skills Training Course”, it would cost you 3,878 euros!

I don’t know about YOU, but if we had a discount of almost 3,400 euros in our hands, we would feel as if we had won the lottery!

Above all, we would run to get the discount before someone else takes it away from us…

It’s time to take action!

The possibility of learning Business English once and for all making your dreams come true…

with 6 bonuses included in the package price plus 10 gifts …

at a price that you will probably no longer find anywhere else …

just for 180€ or  380€

It is just a CLICK!

But only if you are fast enough and do not let the offer expire.

They improved their English for their businesses and workplaces

Edoardo Raffetto Business, Managerial Economics - Rothschild & Co - Italy

After getting my IELTS Academic with a high score, I was able to manage my studies in my Master's and to stand out! Then I came back to Karyme and the school because I needed to learn how to impact my professors and mates with my slides and presentations. Therefore Karyme and her team prepared me very well to stand out with my presentations, storytelling and meetings. That was an incredible experience. Later on, they helped me to prepare for my Job Interviews. The best was I got the job and I am currently working as an Investment Banking Analyst at Rothschild & Co in London. There are no words to thank them for my success!

Daniel Palencia CISSP, CISM, CRISC, CISA - Business Resilience Office - Amadeus IT Group

My goal was to be able to speak fluently in business and negotiations, but also to expand my vocabulary in those fields and to improve my pronunciation. I spent some years at some language schools but Karyme's team and the school was astonished in all senses. I got my goals and since then I have never stopped. You are the best!

Maria Gil Rogado Lawyer - Data Protection, Privacy, Risk and Compliance, Cybersecurity and Cyber law - Ecix Group - Spain

I was delighted with the English classes I received. I got my goals and learned a lot during the months I took the classes because they are very professional. Now I work as a Lawyer ( Privacy, Risk and Compliance Cybersecurity and Cyber law in Ecix Group and I am very happy.

Many thanks to Karyme and her team, for their classes, their method of learning, their professionalism, and their patience. I recommend it 100%.

Claudio Rey Electronics And Communication Engineering - Politecnico di Torino - Italy

I studied with Karyme and her team for several years when I was at school. I also got my FCE Cambridge Certification with them. However, thanks to them I have an Advanced level and feel comfortable having my university studies in English. I wanted to amaze my professors so I enrolled in the art of Presentations, storytelling and pitching and I must say I have always stunned my audience! Karyme you are the best Coach!

    Be ready! You too can succeed in ENGLISH!

    Don't waste any more time and money. Start learning English once and for all and achieve your real goals with Master Business English!

    We open the doors to the English that is spoken by successful professionals!

    The Art of the Presentations

    12-hour Live Course


    • Live Course with a native English speaker

    • 100% conversation with lots of interaction with the teacher.

    • 100% practical with constant activities, exercises and homework

    • Continuous assessment in all aspects (pronunciation, business phrases, business vocabulary, business idioms, business collocations, business phrasal verbs, mistakes, etc).

    • Additional video classes

    • 6 bonuses (value 1,794€)

    • 10 gifts (value 1,704€)

    The Art of the Presentations

    12-hour Video Course


    • Live Course with a native English speaker

    • 100% conversation with lots of interaction with the teacher.

    • 100% practical with constant activities, exercises and homework

    • Continuous assessment in all aspects (pronunciation, business phrases, business vocabulary, business idioms, business collocations, business phrasal verbs, mistakes, etc).

    • Additional video classes

    • 6 bonuses (value 1,794€)

    • 10 gifts (value 1,704€)

    Clear all the doubts about the course according to your needs, level of English and objectives.


    Contact us

    Schedule an appointment with No strings attached to enroll.

    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    Get answers to all your questions here!

    After you enroll you will be sent a welcome email with instructions on how to follow our lessons, how to be part of our socials, and how to start learning with Master Business English.

    You can then start with Module 1 of the program, register for a LIVE study group or upcoming training, and enjoy the course and all of the bonuses found on the Master Business English website.

    We recommend allotting time each week for the program. Give the program the time you deserve, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you move down the path of realizing your dream of speaking and thinking in English like a native!

    We recommend students have at least a real SOLID B2, C1 or C2 English level.

    If you want to do a grammar and accuracy course, if you think your level of English is not too good or If you want to revise and remember your existing knowledge, start and activate your skills with our General English Courses.

    Remember professionals need to use language precisely, and understand the exact meaning and context when speaking, reading, or writing.

    YES. YES. and YES!!!

    If you have the desire to speak English clearly and confidently and you are willing to set aside 30 minutes per day and do what we tell you to do then YES it is absolutely possible!

    We do not care how old you are or how many times you have tried. Our methods are proven by thousands of non-native English speakers like you over the last 30+ years we’ve been teaching so we can confidently tell you that our system gets results.

    We are so excited for you to experience the joy and confidence that comes from mastering the skills that have been limiting you in so many ways. It is time for you to finally find your voice and speak English with confidence!

    The more you practice the faster you will improve.

    Through the programs, you are training all the English skills to learn how to think in English thus to effectively communicate. But also you are training your ear to hear new sounds and your mouth to move in a new way. All of these take practice, repetition, and feedback to change permanently.

    Students in our programs are committed to getting results because they are all-in to make it happen and we are here to help you do it.

    With that said, besides the lessons you should take, we ask you to set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour per day to work on the things you learn in the programs and to get the full benefits of the training course.

    During this time you could be watching our training videos, reading our lesson worksheets out loud, articles, posts, listening to our audios, doing our homework, or even reading your own book out loud.

    Throughout the program, you will have plenty of opportunities to get feedback from our Trainers so you know exactly what to work on. Be sure to take advantage of our amazing features of the programs. We are here to help every step of the way!

    If you do this consistently, you will be AMAZED at how quickly you will achieve your dream.

    You will follow our live lessons Via Zoom with the access we will provide you. However, all the students from Live lessons and Video Courses will find all the lessons uploaded on the platform like a video course. 

    Aside from that, you will also find the additional video classes already uploaded on the platform. Thus you will get extra video lessons, and much more because with us there are always surprises!

    For teaching, we use the Zoom platform. Nevertheless, we have the students complete their tasks/homework/exercises using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. If you don’t have an Instagram or Facebook or Youtube account, don’t worry! You can easily create an account, and we will help you with the rest.

    Absolutely YES! You can watch the video recording lessons completely online. Moreover, you will be able to check the recordings whenever you want and several times as you need. However, we do recommend you to come to our lessons and be active in classes to get the certification you need.

    Homework, tasks, exercises and activities will take you out of your comfort zone and with Instant Learning© and Guest Teachers©  Methodology, we will teach you how to take advantage and analyze materials, complete creative writing projects, understand English while listening to the language, communicate with fluency, meet with other students or your mates to practice your oral speaking according to our recommendations to get the best of the English language learning.

    All our courses offer email support, Facebook group support, WhatsApp support and forum/comments feedback.

    Our live coaching and small group coaching programmes offer live support and feedback.

    Each student is different but the more you practice and get feedback by our trainers, the faster you will reach your goal.

    Each course has different hour lessons. After finishing your course, you can expect to improve your spoken English and all the English skills. You will then have solid foundational skills and understanding of how to effectively communicate in English. Therefore by the end of the course if you want to get a Certification on your English level, you can enroll in one of our English Preparation Courses for a Certification. So then you will get the Certification to be used in your CV or others.

    However, we do not disappear when your course is finished if you have not finished learning. We are going to be with you to the end. It means we are going to continue helping you to improve and keep the Level of the course which will help you continue to practice, refine, and perfect your spoken English. During this Level, we will help you go beyond, so you can keep your English level in your English communication skills. The Mastery Level training will empower your communication skills.

    New training will continue to be added to the Mastery Level to keep you learning and growing in your English communication skills so you can use these skills to do your greatest work in the world. 

    Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. Small steps taken consistently lead to amazing results!

    My step-by-step method makes it simple to take consistent steps towards your goal to speak English clearly and confidently like a native.


    If you want to reach your goal to speak English confidently like a native even faster then we offer personalized, private, one-on-one training from our certified Trainers.

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    Master Business English

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    You can also subscribe to our videos and webinars on your preferred platform below:

    Fizza Mahmood - British

    Foreign Language Training – Lancaster University TEFL
    Exploring the world of English language Teaching – Cambridge Language Assessment
    I live in the heart of the French Pyrenees and for 10 years I have been teaching online to students from a variety of backgrounds and professions such as logistics, health, finance or law.

    I am brilliant at creating personalised roleplaying lessons for my students. I do not just see myself as a teacher but also as a mentor helping them with their professional projects.

    My hobbies include hiking and crochet and I enjoy travelling.

    Patrick Van Strijp - South Africa

    “Majoring in English Home language and History”
    “H.D.E: Higher Diploma in Education” TESOL/TEFL certificate.
    30 years of teaching English to students of all different profiles, nationalities, ages and professions. I am passionate about passing on my love for the language to my learners under my care and to continue making a difference in student’s lives. He stands out as an enthusiastic teacher with a sense of humor.

    I have a fondness for cinema and my favorite films are ‘Dead Poet’s Society’, ‘Good morning, Vietnam’, ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘Moulin Rouge’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’.

    I am an unconditional fan of Manchester United (far since I was 10) and love dogs.